Most Popular Sports among Irish Students

In Ireland, there’s more than one way to round up a Sunday night practicing or watching sports but which sports are favorite among Irish students?


Sports unite nations and help people be self-assured and move towards their goals. Like the rest of the world, Ireland has its own most popular sport that plays a vital role in keeping the nation alive and excited. Though there are wide varieties of sports in Ireland that are popular among people of different ages, there are few popular sports in Ireland that are the passion of every Irish without any age discrimination.

There are four major Ireland sports. Let us take a look at these sports and figure out why they are the most popular sports in Ireland.

  1.    Gaelic football – the most popular sport in Ireland

    Shane Walsh rises highest in last years Connacht Final at Dr.Hyde Park.

The entire world is crazy about football, and so is Ireland. It is on the top of the most popular college sports and drives the passion of the entire county. There are thousands of free samples and career goals essay examples that reflect how Gaelic football gives students career goal examples. Unlike the world football, Gaelic football allows players to use both their hands and feet to score a goal in the net or over the bar, which is in a way similar to American football field goal. Gaelic football reserves the number one place in popular college sports and gives major career goals examples to large numbers of Irish college students. Many college students take part in their sports activities, aiming to be Gaelic professional footballer one day. Numerous students write enthusiastic essays about their football heroes or their passion for the game. It has been reported that over a hundred research papers are written on the topics analysing the research and methodologies to apply the techniques to both players and game to improve results and scores.

The game is played between a rival team with a total of fifteen players who strive to win on a rectangular pitch. The finals have over as many as 80,000 people cheering for their favourite teams. Since it is the popular college sport, it encourages students to stay fit as the game is physically demanding and requires strong will power.

  1.    Hurling is a popular college sport

    Galway’s Johnny Glynn has proved a handful for defenders this summer.

Hurling is quite similar to Gaelic football, but the ball is smaller, and players use hooked sticks to make a score. This again is the popular sports in Ireland that draws as much crowd as football in the finals. Since the ball is smaller and is hit by hooked sticks, it flies from one end of the ground to the other, making it the most fast-paced sport in the world making it a popular college sport. College students have written numerous research papers on the topic exploring the speed and techniques of this game, and the free samples are available on the internet. Hurling is also known as one of the most ancient games being almost 3000 years old. One research paper composed by a college student who happens to an enthusiast elaborates the techniques and tricks applied in the game. However, the game rules are simple if the player throws the ball over the crossbar the team will get one point, and if the player hit the ball under the crossbar, the relevant team will get three points. The game has given career goals examples to many college students who want to play the game professionally. Though some parents believe it to be a dangerous sport because of the extremely fast pace and hooked sticks, it does not stop college students’ admiration of it.

  1.    Soccer

Also known as football, it is one of many popular sports in Ireland and is cherished by many devoted fans. A survey shows that it has become the most popular college sports, even more popular than Gaelic football. The passion and pace of the game are what drives most students to practice it and enter the field as professional players. At the same time, the Irish clubs are somehow unable to make the quality players stay, with most Irish people following Liverpool FC or Manchester United. 

  1.    Horseracing 

Horseracing is loved all over the world and has proven to be loved in Ireland too. The sport has produced some of the finest jockeys in the world. Ruby Walsh and AP McCoy seem to rule many hearts across the country and have given career goal examples to many college students who practice their horse riding skills dreaming of becoming like them in coming years. Horseracing is the topic every Irish can talk about for hours; some can even write sample research papers on it, such as the passion for this sport amongst Irishmen. Though the sport is more of a business then just game to many, the annual events are still watched for fun by large numbers of people.  

These sports in Ireland are controlled by governing body GAA that takes care of these important national traditional games to provide a grand spectacle to masses. Many steps are required to be taken at the government level to recruit top athletes to satisfy the enormous fan base that has been developed over the past years.


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