Offaly county board want hurling review group to reconsider their resignations

The Offaly county board have stated their full commitment to the county’s Hurling Pathway Plan and they will ask those who recently resigned from the plan’s implementation committee to re-consider their position.

Last July the Offaly hurling review/implementation committee resigned en masse due to frustration at their perceived lack of support from the Offaly county board. The committee was chaired by former Offaly hurlers Liam Hogan and Brian Carrol who was given the role of director of hurling coaching.

The ‘Pathway’ report which was completed in late 2014 but did not published until the summer of 2016, which garnered much criticism especially after the wake of Offaly’s defeat to Westmeath in the Leinster Round Robin. The implementation committee was soon afterwards established.

After his resignation last month, Hogan blasted the county board for their lack of communication with the committee. He also described the state of Offaly hurling as “absolutely deplorable – from top to bottom.” He also wished that there would be a clear-out of the Offaly county board and calling them a ‘disaster’.

The Offaly county board have replied with a statement saying that they were fully committed to implementing the hurling pathway plan.

“The meeting recognised the importance of The Hurling Pathway Plan in moving Offaly hurling forward and a detailed update on all aspects implemented to-date and on the future roll out of the plan will be presented to chairperson and secretaries of all clubs within two weeks (and) thereafter at three monthly intervals.


“A steering committee comprising of five club chairpersons, coaching & games Officer and head of operations will oversee the plan.


“The contribution of those who recently resigned was praised and there was agreement that Offaly hurling needs their involvement going forward.


“In this regard the chairman gave a commitment to contact the individuals with a view to asking them to re-consider their positions.


“A wide ranging discussion took place among the 65 people present and clarification was given on a number of issues. An outline of various activities undertaken by coaching & games staff in the year to-date was also discussed.”


The statement concluded with a lenghty quotation from the original pathway report which said that Offaly hurling was “dogged by problems from grassroots level to the very top” but that nothing would improve if people were focused on “apportioning blame.”


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