Roscommon call for earlier All-Ireland finals

The Roscommon County Board is to table a motion that the All-Ireland senior hurling and football finals be played one week earlier than their first and third Sunday of September slots respectively.

If Roscommon’s bid is to be successful their plan would be put to place for the 2013 deciders.  The Connacht county want to do this so as to allocate more time for club action.

“We feel that the inter-county championships are dragged out for too long. That impacts on clubs at a very busy time of year for their championships,” Roscommon secretary Brian Stenson reported to a media briefing.

“Bringing forward the All-Ireland finals by a week would leave a little bit more room for the clubs and wouldn’t take away from the All-Ireland finals in any way. Even counties who are not involved are affected as they can’t fix championship games on All-Ireland Sundays.”

Roscommon’s motion is by no means certain to succeed as the Central Council of the GAA are tabling a bid to have the All-Ireland football quarter-finals finished by the second Sunday of August rather than the current first Sunday of that month meaning there would then be too much pressure to get the Championship finished in the remaining weeks.


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