Shefflin to miss league campaign

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Henry Shefflin confirmed yesterday that he will miss Kilkenny’s league campaign but should return for the Championship opener.

The Kilkenny legend suffered a shoulder injury after a routine fall in last year’s Championship and was surprised to hear he would require surgery. Shefflin said he felt something pop during the incident, but it transpired that cartilage surrounding the ball and socket in his shoulder socket has ripped.

Shefflin said he did “not see (the surgery) coming”, but he was forced to undergo surgery on the 7th of December and will most likely miss five to six months.

“It was frustrating. A sickening blow to be honest. When it first happened I thought I’d just be taking a bit of rest and I’d be grand. But once I got the news it was going to be six months rehabbing and I was going to be in a sling, it was a sickener. Even if I’d had a break of a year or two without injury before I did it – but two years in a row is a bit of a disaster to be honest.”

Shefflin added that this injury is much different to his knee injury of last season. His knee was screwed into place, while the shoulder has been stitched. The stitches mean the forward will have to avoid all contact for four months but Shefflin hopes to start pucking before that.

Shefflin added that he wants to finish on his own terms and not because of an injury, but acknowledged that “these things happen in sports sometimes”.


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