Spillane compares hurling league games to pointless challenge matches

Pat Spillane in his article on the Irish Independent  has labelled the recent league hurling match between Clare and Cork as a challenge. The former Kerry footballer multiple all Ireland and all star winner  has also came out and said that hurling is not the Shangri La game it is made out to be in an article on the Irish Independent.

Spillane in the article which was published on the Irish Independent website on Monday morning  said that the league structure this year is impacting on the league. He said “Due to the restructuring in the format of the competition no team is been relegated from Division 1a, he continued that four teams will be into the quarter finals and the only real issue is who will be relegated form division 1b. “This has robbed the league of much of its competitive bite he is quoted saying”.

His criticisms didn’t stop there though, he said that he thought he was a pre season challenge game when he tuned into the Cork v Clare game, citing it’s lack of intensity.

I agree with Spillane on one thing in his arricle. It’s the mix up and scheduling of the Sigerson Cup games when the clubs semi finals were also down for decision, this of course impacting on Kieran Molloy and Liam Silke. The GAA did reschedule the game but Spillane ine article was clearly not happy with the GAA, he said “It’s beggars belief that all stakeholders couldn’t have sat around a table and trashed out a deal to avoid the clash”.

Spillane also raised the issue of player burnout and again I agree with him. His example was young talented footballer Sean O’Shea. According to Spillane player welfare is very low on the GAA list and that it needs to be addressed by the GPA.

Plenty of talking points from Spillane and his articles are very interesting  every week in the Sunday World and his weekly columns speak a lot of sense.


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