Spillane “the most professional pundit in the game”

Ger Loughnane has come to the defence of his fellow Sunday Game pundit following the comments made by both Dublin coach Jim Gavin and pundit Joe Brolly.

The Diarmuid Connolly ban is turning out to be the biggest saga of the summer so far with RTE pundits seemingly falling out with each other as well as one of the most high-profile manager in Jim Gavin refusing to give an interview with national broadcasters such as RTE and Newstalk.

Gavin was particularly upset with Pat Spilane over what he perceived was a pre-determined statement on his comments on the situation with Diarmuid Connolly. However, a fellow controversial Sunday Game panellist, Ger Loughnane, has come to the defence of his colleague. In his column in the Irish Daily Star, Loughnane wrote,

“Diarmuid Connolly commited an offence which carries a twelve-week suspension,” double All-Ireland winning Clare boss Loughnane wrote in The Irish Daily Star. “For Gavin to take the nuclear option that he took on Sunday was both out of character and hard to fathom.


“He was very wrong to personalise the matter, pointing the finger at Pat Spillane in particular. I have been working in The Sunday Game for about 15 years and the pundit I respect most is Pat Spillane.


“Pat is by far the most professional pundit there in either football or hurling. Nobody else puts in as much preparation beforehand.


“Over the years, Pat has often gone in hard on Kerry, and lost friends there over it. He is always completely genuine. Genuine is the word that I’d always associate with him.”


  1. Pat Spillane was totally biased in his attack on D. Connolly will he be as forthright about Kerry’s oft cynical play especially against Dublin.

  2. Pat when they are banking on about this great Dublin side . Make sure you get in that it’s as good as the great Dublin side that you stuffed in whatever year it was . I was at it as a dub . John Egan and yourself .


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