Sports News Ireland Football Team of the Week – 31st May

Dublin have the most representatives on the football team with seven players. Stephen Cluxton, Davy Byrne and Jonny Cooper in defence, while in attack Paul Flynn, Dean Rock and Bernard Brogan and Ciaran Kilkenny all had fine performances in the Dublin attack contributing 3-18 between them.  


Tipperary have four players represented on the team of the week after after hammering Waterford by 22 points in their Munster Senior Football Championship Quarter Final. Former All-Star nominee Ciaran McDonald is named at full back and Peter Acheson is named at wing back, while Steven O’Brien who kicked 0-06 from play is named at midfield and youngster Michael Quinlivan is selected at full forward after scoring 1-02 from play in a fine individual display.


Fermanagh had a fine 1-13 to 0-08 win over Antrim and they have midfielder Ryan Jones picked on the team at midfield after kicking 0-03 from play. Antrim have also one player named on the team with centre back Tony Scullion after he put a fine individual performance in for the Glensmen.


Longford have two players on the team of the week despite the 27 point drubbing against Dublin. Diarmuid Masterson is named at wing back due to effort he put in and was one of Longford’s best defenders. In attack Rory Connor is named at wing forward after kicking 0-03 from play in an excellent first half performance from the U21 star.

Team of the Week


  1. Stephen Cluxton (Dublin)-had very little to do but kept a clean sheet and set up some attacks from defence

  2. Ciaran McDonald (Tipperary)- outstanding in defence for the Premier gave very little away.

  3. Davy Byrne (Dublin)-played well for Dublin at full back.

  4. Jonny Cooper (Dublin)-was outstanding in defence for the Dubs.

  5. Diarmuid Masterson (Longford)-tried hard for Longford in defence.

  6. Tony Scullion (Antrim)-was Antrim’s best player on a poor showing from the Glensmen.

  7. Peter Acheson (Tipperary)- scored a lovely point against Waterford, excellent in defence

  8. Ryan Jones (Fermanagh)-0-03 from play from midfield against Antrim was outstanding going forward

  9. Steven O’Brien (Tipperary)-kicked 0-06 from play in a man of the match display in Thurles, fully deserved place on the team.

  10. Paul Flynn (Dublin)- impressive as ever, scored a brilliant goal and kicked 0-03 from play also.

  11. Ciaran Kilkenny (Dublin)-was outstanding for Dublin, the conductor of the orchestra set up some fine scores in a man of the match performance.

  12. Rory Connor (Longford)-one of Longford’s best players, kicked 0-03 in the first half.

  13. Dean Rock (Dublin)-was outstanding for the Dubs in attack kicked 1-06 in total, 1-02 from play.

  14. Michael Quinlivan (Tipperary)-kicked 1-03 in total for the Premier, with 1-02 from play.

  15. Bernard Brogan (Dublin)-kicked a massive 1-06 from play despite being heavily marked by Dermot Brady.


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