Supermacs want details of Galway spending

Galway GAA Sponsors Supermacs have on Tuesday issued a statement asking the Galway County Board to explain how the sponsorship money was spent. In addition the company owned by Pat McDonagh is also asking to make public the results of two financial reviews.

The GAA as well as an accounting firm Mazars examined the county finances last year and following on from that a meeting in December of 2018 raised concerns over the period 2015-2017. RTE Sport that some of these concerns include the use of a personal credit card, officer expenses of 45,000 euro and a debt of 390,000 to Croke Park for All-Ireland Final tickets.

Mr McDonagh and his company have sponsored the Galway teams since 1981 one way or another. But, it obviously has now gone to far and answers are required on where the 1.6 million over the past five years has been spent. In a statement released on the Supermacs website on Tuesday it said “Supermac’s would like to detail that the amount of sponsorship given by Supermac’s to Galway GAA for the sponsored teams over the past 5 years to date is over €1.25m in direct payments plus over €340,000 in ancillary sponsorship”.  When you break the sponsorship down over the past five seasons it is the following: 

  • 2015                      €200,000
  • 2016                      €229,000
  • 2017                      €258,300
  • 2018                      €322,798
  • 2019*                    €248,158
  • Total Direct         €1,258,256
  • Ancillary**          €341,170
  • Total                     €1,599,426

Supermacs are now seeking clarification on where this money has been spent, the statement continued, Supermac’s would like to seek clarification from the Galway County Board as to how this money was spent.”Supermac’s raised financial concerns with the Galway County Board 4 years ago.”Supermac’s understands that two investigations have taken place into the finances of Galway GAA; One conducted by Galway GAA and a second conducted by Mazars. “Supermac’s is calling for these investigations to be made public immediately. The vast majority of the Galway GAA public and mentors, who give their time voluntarily for the promotion and administration of our games and the welfare of our players, deserve no less.”

This is not the end for sure and the ball is now in Galway GAA’s court on what to do next.

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