The Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Ireland


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Sports are generally popular in Ireland so it is no surprise that the country also has a high percentage of sports bettors.

It is a very big deal for the locals as gambling is not only for money making; to them, it is also recreational. And with sports betting Ireland, some sports are more popular than the others. We would like to enlighten you about them, so here are the most popular sports among Irish bettors.

Gaelic Games

Gaelic games are popular in Ireland and there are about six different sports under it namely:

Gaelic Football
Ladies Football


Of all the six classifications, the two most popular with Ireland gamblers are the gaelic football and hurling. Unlike regular football, the gaelic variant has 15 men on each team and using the hand is not a foul as you can punch the ball. Gaelic football traces back over 100 years in Ireland and its reputation lives on, carried on by sports bettors.


It is no surprise to see that the most popular sport in the world is loved by many in Ireland. And although the country has its own version in the form of gaelic, many are still in love with the original version. Besides, Ireland also actively competes internationally so the sport has amassed so many fans, spectators, and bettors over the years.


Although rugby may not be the most popular sport in the world, Irish bettors still have a special spot for it. The popularity of this sport in the country stems from the nation’s consistent success on the international stage. They won back-to-back nations titles which is not a feat that many countries can boast of; and till now, the team is still making waves.

Ireland has also produced some world class players over the years, making more young ones aspire to be like them. So it is not uncommon to see a lot of youngsters playing the game recreationally and competitively on a local level.


Ireland bettors also love to be on athletics sports like:

Mountain Biking
Cross-country Running

and several other similar long distance races.

The popularity of these sports among bettors stems from their love for it from their younger age. At high school and collegial level, interested persons are trained to compete in athletic events. As they grow older and better in the sport, they mature enough to start competing on an international level and their success also reflects in grand stages like the Olympics.

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