Tipperary Manager Michael Ryan says media ban was planned


It appears that the speculation Tipperary hurling manager Michael Ryan refusal to talk to the media after Sunday’s defeat by Limerick was not the manner of the defeat it was pre-planned, well that is what Ryan told Tipp FM this morning.

“The reason why I didn’t speak to the media on Sunday immediately after the match was a decision we had taken prior to the campaign,”

“We took that decision in the light of the fact that we were facing four Sundays in a row. Anything that is a distraction to our hurling is not welcome.

“What we don’t do is factor in that we’re going to lose a match. We’re always very positive about our upcoming games but in the aftermath of the match, and after a loss, we should have reviewed that.

“I will be speaking to the media if they want to speak to me after the game.”

“We’re playing week after week after week and our focus is on our team.

“However, I do acknowledge that when you lose there is a much greater void created than when you win, and hence why I’m on this morning.

“Number one, our decision should have been reviewed and number two, of course we needed to acknowledge Limerick.”

“We’re very disappointed with the performance levels we brought on Sunday. They weren’t good enough,” he said.

“Limerick were excellent and we turn our attention immediately to our next challenge, which is five days away and Cork coming to Thurles with a win under their belt.”


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