Video – Jim Gavin confirms Diarmuid Connolly has returned to Dublin squad

It will come as shock to many people, but Dublin manager Jim Gavin has confirmed that Diarmuid Connolly has returned to training with Dublin.

Gavin was giving an update on how his squad was after their 13pt beating of Cork in their opening Super match on Saturday night.

Connolly has not played for Dublin in over 17 months and spent last summer in the USA, lining out for Donegal Boston. He was set to return to Boston but there were some passport issues so he was too late to register.

“Last night’s game was tough,” he said. “There’s a lot of tired bodies this morning but the guys will get as much recovery as they can and they will all go back to work in the morning.”

“It’s good, we’ve got James McCarthy back on the pitch, Eoin Murchan, Johnny Cooper, Diarmuid Connolly is back training with us…

“There’s a whole host of players with us who are returning to play and then you have the squad themselves, the guys who played at the weekend, so there’s great competition there for a match day place.”

It will be some turn of luck if Connolly failing to register in time for Donegal Boston helps Dublin win their drive for five.


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