Waterford to play Galway in All Ireland final after getting result against Cork

Waterford will play Galway in the All Ireland hurling final after getting the perfect result against Cork as they ran out 11pt winners

Waterford 4-19 Cork 0-20

The point that changed the match was with twenty min to play Cork player Damien Cahalane was sent off, at this point Cork lead by 1pt. But they got deystroyed once they tried to push on as Jamie Barron hit two beautiful goals.

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Latest Update

5:04pm Waterford will play Galway.

5:01pm Jamie Barron puts Waterford 11pts up.

5:00pm Into injury time and Waterford lead by 7

4;58pm Gleeson sent off the Waterford team.

4:56pm Mahony puts Waterford 7pts up.

4:55pm halleron and O’Farrell trade scores.

4:51pm mahony with a stunning free from inside his own half, Waterford by 6pts

4:48pm One of the great ever goals is scored by Austin Gleeson, Waterford by 5

4:48pm Conor Gleeson puts Waterford 2pts up.

4:48pm Jamie Barron with a great goal after an unreal pass by Austin Gleeson.

4:47pm Horgan hits his 12th point, Cork by 2pts.

4:46pm Patrick Horgan gives Cork the lead from another soft free

4:43pm Alan Cadogan levels it up, game alive now.

4:43pm Austin Gleeson gives Waterford the lead.

4:42pm Mahony levels it up

4:41pm Cork are down to 14, Damien Cahalane gets a second yellow

4:40pm Harmody with a lovely score for Cork.

4:40pm Pauric Mahony point from play levels it up

4:38pm Darragh Fitzgibbon hits over a sideline cut

4:37pm Darragh Fives with a lovely score. 48min played and sides are level

4:36pm Patrick Horgan hits his 10th point of the day.

4:35pm Maurice Shanahan is on for Jake Dillon

4:34pm Great score by Kevin Moran, sixth time level.

4:32pm Conor Lehane gives Cork the lead.

4:31pm Cork getting some very soft free’s, Horgan levels it up

4:30pm Mahony restores the Waterford lead

4:27pm Jamie Barron is fouled as he was baring down on goal.

4:27pm Patrick Horgan levels up the game.

4:25pm Second half underway

4:08pm Waterford lead 1-07 to 0-10 at half time.

4:07pm Hawk denies Waterford a point

4:06pm Horgan hits his 7th point

4:03pm Jamie Barron puts Waterford 2pts up

4:02pm Patrick Horgan free goes wide

3:59pm Pauric Mahony with his 3rd free gives Waterford the lead.

3:56pm Mahony levels it up from a free.

3:54pm Unreal save by Anthony Nash, super stuff by the Cork keeper

3:53pm Horgan with his 4th free, Cork lead by 1pt

3:51pm Patrick Horgan with his 5th point

3:51pm Kevin Moran hits his 3rd point from play.

3:49pm Horgan makes no mistake this time, sides are level.

3:48pm Patrick Horgan hits a second free wide.

3:43pm Stunning point by Alan Cadogan

3:40pm Moran with a nice point from play.

3:39pm Kevin Moran with a very well worked point from play, Horgan hits his 3rd point.

3:38pm  Lovely point from play by Shane Kingston, Cork trail by 1pt

3:36pm Michael “Brick” Walsh gets a GOAL for Waterford

3:35pm Patrick horgan with a nice point from play to give Cork an early lead

3:34pm Pauric Mahony levels it up with the first point from play.

3:32pm Opening point for Cork, Patrick Horgan free puck

3:28pm Nearly throw in time


Cork: Anthony Nash; Stephen McDonnell, Damien Cahalane, Colm Spillane;

Christopher Joyce, Mark Ellis, Mark Coleman; Bill Cooper, Darragh Fitzgibbon;

Seamus Harnedy, Conor Lehane, Shane Kingston; Alan Cadogan, Patrick Horgan,

Luke Meade.

Waterford: Stephen O’Keeffe; Shane Fives, Barry Coughlan, Noel Connors;

Kieran Bennett, Austin Gleeson, Philip Mahony; Jamie Barron, Conor Gleeson;

Kevin Moran, Pauric Mahony, Jake Dillon; Shane Bennett, Michael Walsh,

Darragh Fives.


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