What do Mayo have to do to beat five in a row chasing Dublin?

So the question on many people’s lips is how do you go about beating Dublin. Well, I suppose if we knew that then they would have been beaten a long time ago! Joking aside though Dublin do have weaknesses it’s just a matter of Mayo getting at them weakness for 70 minutes plus on Saturday.

I think the Dublin full-back line can be got at. Indeed their 6 backs can be got. Why you might ask? Well because the Dublin backs like going forward, players like Jack McCaffrey and Phillip McMahon for instance. Mayo though will need a plan to crack the Stephen Cluxton kick-out, if they put pressure on Cluxton and force him to go long all the time in like 50-50 situations then Aidan O’Shea and Seamus O’Shea would come out winners in my opinion.

Mayo have also been written off by everyone and with that, they will have motivation. They have also lost narrowly to Dublin in their last couple of meetings in the championship. In 2017 they lost the All-Ireland Final by 1-17 to 1-16, after a late from Dean Rock won it for the Dubs. In 2016 they also lost by a point 1-15 to 1-14 after a replay, the previous drawn game was 2-09 to 0-15. So, Mayo certainly won’t fear Dublin, they will embrace the challenge and have nothing to lose.

If they are to win they will need to get the ball into Cillian O’Connor as much as they can. He will torment the Dublin defence if given the correct service. Secondly, as I already said they need to push up on the Stephen Cluxton to force him to go long. They also need their wings back Lee Keegan and Paddy Durcan to join in the attack as much as possible when they have the ball in possession. It is easy said and done but I think if they have some sort of plan in place they won’t be to far away.


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