How to Play Slot Machines, Tips, Tricks & Best Strategies

Slot machines are all about the reels spinning and a random number generator (RNG) displaying an outcome. It is a myth that you cannot understand the game, and pure luck has control over your winning or not. You cannot manipulate the RNG functioning. However, you can follow some simple tricks to win a slots game.

Before knowing how to play slot machines successfully, you have to find the best place to play the game. Yes, providers like Pink casino offer varieties of games. They also have made the mobile casino feature possible. Thus, you should choose one of the best providers that can give you a varied experience ensured by a wide collection on one platform.

How to Play Slot Machines

To start playing, you have to place a bet. You will see the betting range in the game rules and on the screen, and then, you have to decide on a bet amount. Next, adjust the coin size. See the paytable to know the payouts, wild and scatter features. Spin the reel.

It is simple to play slot machines. As you can see, you need to set the bet value and spin the reel. But, you cannot wait for your winning chance to come, so you should know some tricks to tweak the game in your favour.

Best Tricks and Tips to Win

The key things you should do or be aware of are as follows:

  • Know your bet size.
  • Choose the right time to stop.
  • Decide whether to use the gamble feature or not and when.
  • Also, decide on the number of active paylines.

A bet being the first step in playing slot games, you should know how to place it. Follow these tricks while betting:

  • Do not get into bet types that decrease the RTP (return to the player).
  • Make use of the double-up feature and improve the game volatility.
  • Reduce the active paylines number, and this will automatically enhance volatility.

Play Strategically

You placed a bet and clicked to spin the reels. Now, you should know a few things to win the game. The main things to know in a slot is the jackpot, wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers, payout percentage, and the bonuses. Let`s discuss them one by one and how to use the same to win.

  • Jackpot. Play free games to first understand the slot machines gameplay, and then, make a deposit. Only when you understood the rules, fo for a real money game. However, do not go with the progressive jackpot at once. Just play for a fixed amount so that you could win some money.
  • Symbols and Paytable. There are symbols in each game offering you different winning amounts. Check them in the paytable and understand how much they pay per payline. You cannot control the spinning, but you can make winning combinations once you know the paytable. For instance, the wild symbol can replace any symbol in the game, and so you can replace the low-paying symbol with this wild and increase your score. Also, the scatter symbol offers free spins. Free games will also have similar rules to the main game ones, and hence, you can increase your chances of winning. The bonus and the other special symbols will play different roles in each slot, and hence, learn their functions when reading the rules, and that will help you feel motivated.
  • Multiplier. This will allow you to multiply your winning amount by your base bet. A multiplier considerably increases the bet size. So, if you know this, then you can place small bets and win big money.

Additional Suggestions

If you’re a beginner, then you should be aware of these useful tips. Always play the slot for free before you make deposits. Learn the game and then dive in gambling. Always check for the RTP as it plays a crucial role. Place small bets as it will increase the chances to win while spinning the reel. The RNG might turn to be fortunate when you spin the reels often with small bets instead of placing a huge amount which will minimise the reels winning frequency.

Play at online casinos on your PC or mobiles with an uninterrupted Internet connection. Also, make sure you have updated software and HTML5-supported browser to allow the game to load quickly. Read the terms of the casino provider before playing a real game and do not forget to withdraw your winnings.

Concluding Thoughts

Use the above-given tips when playing slot games and never take a risk with high volatile games if you are a beginner. It will only give you frustration as RNG operates purely on chance, and your winning won`t happen at once. Follow the rules and make use of the promotional offers given by reputed casino providers. Play small jackpot games to try your luck. Make sure you play by applying your IQ (intellectual quotient) and not EQ (emotional quotient) since emotions make you feel stressed and can become an obstacle on your way of becoming a winner.


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