Antonio Conte will fail at Tottenham and here’s why

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Italian manager Antonio Conte has become the next Tottenham manager today officially, but it won’t be followed with success.

Antonio Conte has been announced officially today on social media as the next head coach Tottenham Hotspur. However, with the media critical of Tottenham’s failings under Nuno Espirito Santos with a string of uninspiring performances of late, is a new manager really the answer after just 10 games into the season.

Many seem to feel a top-class manager of Conte’s pedigree is the answer to all their problems, with the view of getting them back to the top but the same view was had with Jose Mourinho and that ended in disaster.

Here are some reasons why Conte will inevitably fail at Tottenham Hotspur.

Too much deadwood

Tottenham in their current state is very reminiscent of Manchester United when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over. There was a squad of mixed abilities, ages, and styles of football from previous managers of Alex Ferguson, David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal, and Jose Mourinho.

Many of these needed to be offloaded for simply not being up to the quality of the club, being on too high wages, constant injury, or not having the desire to commit to the team. In total Solskjaer let go of a total of 13 players since his arrival at United.

Players like Ander Herrera, Romelu Lukaku, Matteo Darmian, Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia, Alexis Sanchez, Chris Smalling, Marcus Rojo, and more were all required to leave for the club to move forward.

Tottenham is in that mold right now, they still have players from the Mauricio Pochettino, Mourinho, and Santo tenures that need to be replaced with fresh faces.

Harry Kane stands out as an obvious player who no longer wishes to be there along with a bench full of players that previous managers didn’t feel were up to the standard of a top-six club.

Spurs are in need of a clean slate in order to really change the direction the club is heading with players like Rondon, Ndombelle, Ben Davis, Le Celso, Harry Winks no longer good enough.

Conte’s player management is too similar to Mourinho

While Antonio Conte has a different style of football from that of former boss Jose Mourinho, their handling of players remains the same.

They both are title winners in their respective leagues, inspire their teams but are rough with their players expecting nothing more than 100%. However, this style of tough love hasn’t worked at Tottenham over the last few seasons.

Amazon’s All Or Nothing documentary truly showed how some of Tottenham’s top players couldn’t take such treatment. The standout was Dele Alli who was totally exiled from the team for lack of effort and desire.

Others fell victim in the wake of the Portuguese manager including Gareth Bale, Christian Erikson, Matt Doherty, Danny Rose that perhaps didn’t deserve such treatment.

Lack of investment

While the director of Spurs Daniel Levey has the money to splash out on a new manager of Conte and a new stadium, the investment in players has remained increasingly stale.

Time after time Levy hasn’t backed his managers with the players that were needed at the right times. Pochettino’s side, after reaching the 2019 Champions League final was in need of a makeover, however, this investment never came only for the Argentinean to be sacked early into the following season.

Jose Mourinho needed investment only to be given players that benefited Tottenham’s image rather than football, with an injury-prone fan-favorite Gareth Bale. Nuno needed backing this summer, and while Harry Kane could have been sold to Manchester City for 150 million-plus and invested back into the squad, that too never came to fruition.

The fact is Daniel Levy has a track record of empty promises to his managers and expects them to play a new tune with the same old drum.

Others have tried and failed

Tottenham as a club is at a crucial tipping point in the direction of the football club. They are heading for their fourth manager in three years and urgently need stability and a clear plan to move forward.

However, with that lacking on Levy’s part, Conte is left to plaster over the cracks for the remainder of the season. Although, other managers of contrasting styles and career achievements have been in the same position at Tottenham and haven’t faired out well in the slightest.

Pochettino despite being viewed as one of the best managers in world football with his exciting attacking play was inevitably fired, Mourinho all be it very defensive was a proven trophy winner with Chelsea and Manchester United, was also sacked. A more pragmatic Nuno who achieved consistent top 10s in the league with Wolves and Europa league success was also let go.

And now it’s Antonio Conte’s turn at the wheel with league titles at both Chelsea and Inter Milan taking over a Tottenham team in absolute disarray. Will his appointment be followed with success based on Levy’s track record with managers, the answer is no. A new name can’t fix the same problems.

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