Australia v India Test Ends With Racist Abuse 

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Australia v India Test Ends With Racist Abuse: Racist chants from fans forced the umpires to stop the match and remove six men from the crowd.

The fourth day and third test between the Aussies and India made headlines last weekend. However, this was not because of an entertaining match of cricket but from unacceptable behaviour from fans.

Umpire Reiffle and Wilson had to temporarily stop the game for eight minutes due to abuse aimed at the Indian players. Bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj then told umpires of the racist chants coming from a section of the crowd.

It is not clear exactly what fans were saying but investigators say it was of a discriminatory manner. Police questioned the crowd and removed six men from the stands, believing them to be the source of the abuse.

The test match ended in a draw but was overshadowed by the Australian spectator’s behaviour. Cricket India, Australia, and grounds security will be investigating the matter to get to the route of the problem.

Sean Carroll, Australia’s cricket security, then issued a statement afterwards saying:

“The abuse of cricketers by crowd members is not acceptable,” 

“We thank the Indian team for their vigilance in reporting today’s incident, which we are now in the process of investigating.”

India’s cricket captain Ajinkya Rahane hopes that this incident will lay down a marker for the future. He said to the press after the match:

“What happened was not acceptable at all.”

“It should not happen anywhere in the world, we were really upset about it.”

Cricket Australia issues apology after India players allege racist abuse | Prothom Alo

Australia’s History Of Racism 

However, several Indian players then revealed it was not the first time this had happened. They stated that this was one of many occasions traveling to Australia where they received abuse from fans. Former cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin voiced his anger towards Aussie fans:

“Every time we play with Australia, something of this kind happens. It is becoming a regular affair.”

“Nobody should tolerate these things.” 

Current India bowler Ravichandran Ashwin then detailed his several experiences with Australian crowds. Speaking in an interview with cricket India’s website after the weekends incident, he said the experiences have always been “nasty”:

“Especially in the lower tier of the stands they have been hurling abuses but this is a time where they have gone one step ahead and used racial abuses.”

“It’s definitely not acceptable in this day and age and it must be dealt with an iron fist to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Authorities are currently working to investigate the incident in the hopes this event never happens again. Both heads of Australian cricket and the players have since issued apologies to the Indian team on behalf of the fans. Heads of security and stadium control have said “indefinite” bans will be handed out to identified perpetrators. 

India complain of racist crowd abuse at Sydney Test: reports - France 24

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