Conor McGregor Taunts Khabib Rematch

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Conor McGregor Taunts Khabib Rematch: The Irishman has tweets deleted as he then taunts Khabib rematch.  

The “Notorious” Conor McGregor is a professional mixed martial artist and boxer. In his time as a UFC fighter, he was crowned featherweight, lightweight, and the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

His fighting record stands at twenty-two wins and four losses from twenty-six fights. McGregor first broke onto the world scene when first claiming his featherweight and lightweight belts in 2015.

The Irishman then knocked out Jose Aldo in just thirteen seconds, which was the quickest in the sport’s history. McGregor then followed this with his next belt, defeating Eddie Alvarez.

This belt then meant that the man from Crumlin had again broken another UFC record. He became the first fighter in the sport’s history to hold two belts from the same division.

McGregor has made most of his major millions by being one of the sport’s biggest pay per view draws. He has headlined five of the biggest six pay per view events in the UFC.

His biggest headline fight was against rival Russian fighter Khabib who defeated him in October of 2018. The fight drew in two and a half million viewers, the most for any MMA event.

McGregor has since announced retirement twice, both in 2019 and 2020, but however is then frequently drawn out to fight. His next fight comes in January 2021 against Dustin Poirier.

However, the bad blood between McGregor and Khabib persist with rumors of a rematch circulating. 


Conor McGregor's octagon return confirmed with Notorious set to take on Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 | Daily Mail Online



There have been many incidents between the Irishman and the Russian as one of the most known sports rivalries. These all helped set flame to their gradually deteriorating relationship as professional sportsmen.

The worst of these occurred at the UFC 223 event in 2018. On April third 2018, from reports, it is understood that the Russian cornered Lobov, a friend of McGregor.

At this time, both McGregor and Khabib had only mainly interacted in harmless trash talk to promote fights. However, this provoked the Irishman in a fiery rage.

On April fifth 2018, upon leaving a media press event, McGregor and his friends attacked Khabib’s bus. This bus contained other UFC fighters and members of Khabib’s team.

A video then went viral of McGregor screaming at the bus to open the door and for the Russian to face him. The bus attempted to drive away as the Irishman grabbed a steel dolly at the window.

The damage totaled at a smashed window, and an injured UFC employee. This was then accompanied by two fighters who could not compete in upcoming events due to the attack.

NYPD then put out a varrent for the Crumlin man’s arrest. That night the Irishman and his accomplices turned themselves in. However, despite the event being labeled a media stunt, the charges stood.

The then court charged McGregor with reckless endangerment, and the bail was set to fifty thousand dollars. 




Conor McGregor recently posted up on his Twitter some very daunting messages aimed at one particular fighter. His recent posts have since been taken down, but they read:

“S****Y jocks,” McGregor wrote for his first tweet.

“You can run but you can’t hide, “on his second.

“Don’t be scared homie,” McGregor for his third.

There are many people the fighter could be aiming these remarks at. Some have suspected that they are aimed at his next fighter Dustin Poirier in January.

Others then think that with recent callouts from Reall Madrid footballer Sergio Ramos that he could be targeted. This speculation arising after Ramos posted photos on his twitter of his fighting physic.

Although, another possibility could be from the recent callout by YouTuber Logan Paul. Paul defied expectation after his win last weekend, knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson.

However, reports then claim that it is Khabib who the jabs are aimed at. Multiple articles and leaks suggest that the Russian is tipped to fight the winner of McGregor and Poirier. With Khabib now set to attend the fight.

Regardless of the fighter, the Irishman has been working hard this year to get back in shape. Coach and close friend, Owen Roddy says McGregor is in the best shape of his life. He states in an interview on the Bash Podcast: 

“Honest to god, a stone-cold killer, man.”

“Coming off the Cerrone camp, he was in great form, he was motivated – he was in a good place.

“And then he wanted to go on this run throughout the year, and Covid messed it all up for everybody.

“But he didn’t stop training, ya know. He hasn’t stopped – he has been very active. Working all areas of Mixed Martial Arts and you can see that now.”





Khabib, now at the age of thirty-two, had decided this October to retire from the sport. However, rumors are swirling around the media he may step back into the octagon once again.

With the Russian now set to watch the fight In January, is this all the confirmation we need? Could this be more fuel to the fire? Are we set for an epic McGregor Khabib rematch?

In a recent interview with Octagon tv, the Russian sat down with the MMA platform to address these claims. He said when asked about the potential for him to fight the winner of McGregor Poirier:  

 Khabib: “What for? I choked both. Why I should do this?”

  Interviewer: “For the UFC to capitalize on your rematch against Conor.”

 Khabib: “Yes, only money. There is no sports interest there. I choked both of them, both were champions, both surrendered to me. As our proverb says: a horse doesn’t run until the donkey wins.

“Donkeys don’t even take part in competitions where horses run. I have no interest in fighting against these opponents”.

“Imagine UFC offered you $100 million. This is already a problem. But there is no sports interest there”.

With Khabib now seeming certain, a fight against his bitter rival is off the cards only time will tell.

The Russian may decide to then step into the octagon once again to face a familiar foe. However, Only time will tell as the countdown begins to the McGregor Poirier fight in January 2021. 


UFC 242: Khabib Nurmagomedov full post-fight interview - YouTube


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