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Debate begins on all Ireland soccer team 

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Debate begins on all Ireland soccer team: Poor results from both north and south Ireland teams have open talks among government for unity. 

Last weekend was a bad day for Irish football as both North, and South Ireland teams tasted defeat. The North defeats came to the USA and Italy with poor performances from their small squad.

The south, meanwhile, were beaten at the hands of lower ranked teams Luxembourg and quality side Serbia. With talk of “We don’t have the players” circulating between both teams through the years, is it time for change?

The departure of O’Neil for the north and a new style of football in the south needs a bigger pool of players. Unifying the nation could give us the same joy experienced from our Rugby team in our football team.

The members of the Irish government definitely think so in what’s been a poor year overall for Irish soccer. Monaghan’s Fianna Fail senator Robbie Gallagher believes there no better time to unite the country as one football team.

Speaking to the senate mid week he spoke passionately about the idea, which is one they should discuss.

“I looked across the Border and our friends in Northern Ireland’s soccer team are on a similar run, where they can’t seem to buy a win either.

The reality is that for two small nations like Northern Ireland and the Republic to have two soccer teams on a small island.

One island and expect them to compete at international level is simply not on anymore.”

He continued to draw comparisons to the Irish Rugby team with how successful that’s been over the years. Gallagher spoke about the idea of inviting the minister for sport to come begin such talks.

The idea of joining forces could be the first attempt to have a United team since the troubles. President of the IFA Harry Cavan, was the last person of note to reach out between the two associations about unification. 

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