EA Sports back in the game with new golf title 

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EA Sports back in the game with new golf title: EA Sports have revealed they are in the process of creating a new golf game this year.

An announcement was made earlier today via social media that EA is back making golf games again. A Twitter post from Electronic Arts gaming showed a picture with the caption “Championship golf is coming home”. 

The gaming company led arguably one of golf’s most iconic ever sports games with the “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” series. The series has been dormant for the last few years, with its previous golf game eight years ago.

With Tiger Woods dropped after his personal life scandals, Rory Mcilroy led EAs flagship title in 2014. However, after poor reviews from critics and fans, the game was dropped immediately with no new titles following.

EA has clearly realised in their absence that there is still a huge market in golf scene with competitors taking advntage. 2K Sports have capitalised on EA’s absence with the “Golf Club” series now branded with players and licensing.

Tiger Woods has signed a long term deal with 2K with the game’s long term future in mind. It is understood that EA will share the PGA Tour license with 2K but will battle it out for player licensing.

Electronic Arts Sports chief Cam Weber wrote on the website about the upcoming game. 

“EA Sports and the PGA Tour have created some of the most memorable golf video game experiences together.

Our team of passionate golf fans is meticulously recreating the world’s top courses, such as Pebble Beach. 

We can’t wait to give fans the opportunity to compete on some of the most iconic PGA Tour courses and win the FedExCup.”

For now, all details have been kept quiet with a possible release date of the end of 2021.


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