England charged by UEFA after fan points laser at Schmeichel during penalty.

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UEFA has charged the English FA with numerous infractions including one fan pointing a laser point at Denmark keeper Kasper Schmeichel during the penalty.

The English FA has faced multiple charges from UEFA after their semi-final win over Denmark last night. The main charge came after England striker Harry Kane converted a rebounded penalty save from keeper Kasper Schmeichel in added time.

The goal proved vital as England were 2-1 victors on the night to reach their first-ever European final. However, Schmeichel was pictured on the replay appearing to have a large green laser pointer aimed right in his eye.

Nobody on the pitch appeared to pick up on the laser pointer apart from tv viewers. Perhaps to some England fans, it was payback after the Denmark keeper’s hilarious comments about footballs coming home went viral.

In the pre-match build-up, a journalist asked if the Danes were confident in stopping football from coming home. He then bluntly replied with a smirk.

“Has it ever been home? I don’t know, have you ever won it?”

After England’s semi-final win, UEFA released a statement stating.

England have also been charged for ‘disturbance caused by its supporters during national anthem’ and ‘lighting of fireworks by its supporters’.

“The case will be dealt with by the UEFA, Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body [CEDB] in due course.”

Southgate’s men march into their first major final in 55 years against Italy at the weekend.

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