Fans shocked as ex Premier League Referee is actually Irish 

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Fans shocked as ex Premier League Referee is actually Irish: football fans were totally shocked as regular sky pundit and ex ref Dermot Gallagher is Irish. 

Dermot Gallagher was a Premier League referee who’s career spanned from 1992 to 2007. He refereed some of the Worlds greatest players across that time span of two decades. Gallagher later transitioned into Sky Sports, working as a pundit to give his opinions of referees and their decision making.

The former ref has a clearly strong English accent with many automatically believing him to be from England. However, after an interview on Off The Ball with Joe Molloy, today fans were shocked he was actually Irish. Even presenter Molly tweeted afterwards. 

“Tough to take, but it seems the scoop of my career really will be Dermot Gallagher’s accent”.

To everyone’s shock, Gallagher had a Dublin accent and was totally unrecognisable from his Sky Sports self. Fans took to Twitter to voice their shock at the contrast of his accent change.

Change in accent

He then also revealed throughout the interview that he had to hide his accent and put on an English one. This after Sky told him he would be more appealing to audiences and people could understand him better. 

“When I first started on Sky TV, they were very conscious of the words that I couldn’t pronounce. I had to watch the BBC News to try and practice.”

He later went onto say that his accent is changeable depending on the situation and who he’s talking to. 

“It’s because I am talking to Irish people,” 

“My best mate Alan Wiley gives me no end of stick because I have to crank it down for English people.”

Listen to the comparison down below talking to OTB sport and his English accent on Skys ref watch clip via Twitter.

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