Golf Legend Greg Norman Contacts Covid 19

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Golf Legend Greg Norman Contacts Covid 19:Norman was omitted to hospital this week after feeling symptoms of the virus.  

Greg Norman is one of golf’s most recognisable players in the game’s history. Nicknamed the “White Shark” he was known in the 1980s/90s for his long-range driving abilities. The Australian had reached World number one along with winning two major championships.

However, over the Christmas period golfing icon Norman then began to feel symptoms of the coronavirus. Having isolated for two weeks his condition worsened and was brought to hospital. Upon being checked, it was revealed he had then tested positive for the virus.

The former world number one then posted on his Instagram numerous updates, describing how the virus truly feels. In one such post, the Australian described the virus as horrific:

“Please take this very, very serious. … I am fit and strong and have a high tolerance for pain, but this virus kicked the crap out of me like nothing I have ever experienced before.

“Muscle and joint pain on another level. Headaches that feel like a chisel going through your head, scraping little bits off each time.”

“Fever and muscles that just did not want to work like walking my dog, Apollo, my quads, and hip flexors just did not want to work due to fatigue.

Greg Norman in hospital with 'mild symptoms' after positive Covid-19 test | Golf | The Guardian

Update On Condition

With the virus cases surging all around the World people should heed Norman’s serious advice. This week, the Australian was then discharged from the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Centre where he is to quarantine at home.

The major winner will be isolating in his home with two back-to-back negative tests required to be safe. Norman issued a thank you post on his Instagram to everyone who wished him well as he recovers from home.

Thank you all for your concerns love and support and please be safe stay healthy and be smart. And let’s put this 2020 in our rearview mirrors and look to 2021 and beyond where we can get back to life in whatever the new normal will be.

“God bless you all.”

Unfortunately, Greg Norman won’t be spending time at home for Christmas with his family during isolation. His son, Norman Jr has now also tested positive with his wife Michelle, with both now in quarantine.

Norman in self-quarantine with pet dog, awaiting further tests to confirm COVID-19 - Australian Golf Digest

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