Hamilton’s Mercedes Deal Still In Limbo

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Hamilton’s Mercedes Deal Still In Limbo: With the 2021 pre season soon to begin Hamilton has yet to sign a new contract extension.

It has been reported over the last week that talks between Mercedes and Hamilton have broken down. The seven time world champion finds himself a free agent with the season set to begin on March 28th.

2020 marked the end of the Englishman’s current deal which was said to be an estimated 40 million a year. A new deal was meant to be agreed and signed upon after the English driver beat Schumacher’s winning record.

Reports have indicated that talks have broken down due to disagreements with wages and the length of the deal. Mercedes aren’t willing to pay Hamilton much more than his previous deal and only want a one year extension.

It is speculated that Hamilton wants a three year deal worth 120 million pounds, however Mercedes are unwilling to pay. Mercedes chief Totto Wolff when asked in December by interviewers gave this statement when asked about the deal:

“We have had such a successful run of championships for the past seven years, there is no reason why not to continue.”

“He is on the top of his game and he will be for a while, so that is why continuing together is a no-brainer.

However, despite these conflicting claims, talks are still underway with no conclusion reached. With the Englishman looking to surpass Schumacher as the greatest of all time, a long term deal would be desired. Although, if talks persist much longer Hamilton could make for the exit.

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