Host of clubs set for tug of war over Kane

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Host of clubs set for tug of war over Kane: The World is his oyster with PSG, Man United, Man City, and many others seeking the forward.

For Harry Kane, the writings on the wall that a move away is needed. At 27, the striker is reaching the peak of his career which simply can’t be at Tottenham. Spurs were promising under Pochettino but since Mourinho’s arrival, silverware looks further away than ever.

Tottenham’s last game against Manchester United was a dire game of football in a 3-1 defeat. There has been unrest and growing frustration from supporters towards Spurs and Tottenham since they lost the top spot.

With that said, Kane could go to a host of club with many, English and World clubs interested. The 27 year old still has three years remaining on his current contract which could lead to difficulty for most clubs.

Tottenham are reportedly looking for over 150 million pounds if Kane should leave. There would only be a handful of teams capable of paying vasts amount of money for the striker. Manchester United, Manchester City, and PSG are said to be the most interested.

Manchester United would be the most likely as they desperately need a top striker. Cavani despite being World class is on the wrong side of 30 and Martial isn’t good enough. Manchester City also are interested, providing they fail to get Eric Haaland reports indicate.

Meanwhile, Pochettino would gladly take Kane, however, they will only make a bid if Mbappe were to leave. PSG already has so much top talent in the side, they mightn’t need Kane unless players depart.

What do the bookies say?

According to bookmaker Betfair, Kane is most likely to leave for Man City at odds of 10/3. Manchester United ranks second at 6/1 with French giants PSG ranking at 16/1. The public appears to feel the same way with Kane voted at 67% to go to Man City in the summer.

Meanwhile, 21% think the 27 year old will go to the Solskjaer’s Red Devils. PSG do not yet have public odds having only entered the conversation with interest coming in the last few days.

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