Irish gangland influence in boxing world exposed

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Irish gangland influence in boxing world exposed: A new BBC documentary reveals Irish mob boss Daniel Kinahan’s heavy involvement in the sport. 

Boxing has come under scrutiny after the new BBC Panorama documentary was released this week. The programme primarily focuses on the MTK, the boxing management company co-founded by Daniel Kinahan.

Ireland’s high court has labeled Kinahan’s gang to execute and murder to protect its drug trafficking rings. However, their influence in the boxing world remains strong as they are associated with the world’s top fighters.

Their most recent actions are with Tyson Fury and Joseph Diaz. MTK has represented Fury for several years and has also helped get the Joshua fight off the ground. Tyson Fury then released a video thanking Daniel Kinahan for his involvement in organising the fight with Anthony Joshua.

To highlight Kinahan’s involvement in arguably one of boxing’s biggest ever fights outraged the public in Ireland and England. The English boxer, due to backlash, then dropped the alleged mobster in June last year.

However, since the documentary release, Fury has been silent and has yet to make any statement. MTK then attempted to sign Joseph Diaz while under contract and are currently being sued in the United States.

Boxing manager Moses Heredia has taken Kinahans company to the civil court upon making contact with his fighter. Heredia has over 30 pages of evidence proving the Irishman’s involvement in organising fights funded by drug money.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearne was also questioned last year in regards to Kininahns involvement in boxing. However, his statement then simply read:

“Everyone knows…that he represents a number of high profile boxers, and has represented Tyson Fury for a number of years.”

Focusing on the positives 

Former Irish boxer and Super Bantamweight champion Bernard Dunne says young Irish boxers need to be protected. Amid the documentary release he thinks the focus should be on the positives of Irish boxing.

Currently working as performance director for Amateurs in Irish boxing, Dunne believes more can be done within Ireland. Kinahan’s company are accused of snapping up as many young boxers as possible, urging them to go pro.

In an interview with the Irish Independent, Dunne said more should be done to highlight the more positive aspects of amateur boxing. 

“I think we should be highlighting the excellent work that goes on in our sport,”

“If you look at what boxing’s achieved over the last number of years. Apart from Olympics success, people don’t generally hear about it.”

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