Joshua Announces Retirement In 5 Years Time

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Joshua Announces Retirement In 5 Years’ Time: AJ has admitted he feels he is nearing the end of his boxing career after Fury fight. 

The heavyweight champion soon faces one of the most significant fights of his career. Joshua will soon face off against fellow Englishman Tyson Fury in the ultimate unification fight.

If AJ should win, he would become the first boxer in twenty two years to be the undisputed champion of the world. The last person to do it was English boxer Lennox Lewis back in 1998.

AJ would join the ranks Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in the history books as heavy weight champion. With the Fury fight all but confirmed to happen by promoter Eddie Hearne, a date is yet to be settled.

Joshua just needs Fury’s WBC heavy weight belt to complete the unification. In recent promotion for the fight, both fighters jabbed at each other on all major platforms, but AJ made a shock announcement.

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, he opened up about his retirement plans:

“I’m not someone who lives in the moment and thinks that everything is just like for now. I’m always planning ahead so I’m coming towards the end of my career”

“Five years left, and that’s basically an Olympic cycle. I’ve got an Olympic cycle and a little bit more left.”

“So when you see the next Olympics happen is when I’ll be coming to the end of my career and the next generation will be coming through.”

With Joshua still in his prime, it remains to be seen if he will follow through with this. However, the thirty one year old is known for his calculated planning and may well stay true to his word. 

Joshua extended interview | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports

Fury Not Far Behind

The Watford boxer went on to say that he believes his upcoming opponent should retire also. Fury now at the age of thirty two started boxing five years before Joshua turned pro. The Gypsy King has yet to lose a single fight in his professional career, winning thirty and drawing one. Joshua went on to say:

“Fury has been professional much longer than me. He should be looking to retire soon,”

“If he wants to cement his legacy, I’m here and ready. I’ve built myself into this position.”

Tyson Fury in a later interview responded to such claims and wishes to box as long as humanly possible. The Gypsy King has the wish of a lengthy career in the sport comparing it to that of Vladimir Klitschko. Fury stated to sky sports news:

“Klitschko did it until he was 40,”

“A lot of the great champions are continuing, and continuing. I ain’t boxing for money, I ain’t boxing for fame, I ain’t boxing for a belt. I’m boxing because it keeps me mentally happy and I like to do it”.

Meanwhile both Joshua and Fury’s representatives are in negotiation over the fight’s details. Due to the ongoing covid 19 pandemic the fight might have to take place outside the UK if fans cannot attend.

However, both boxers acknowledge with two Englishmen competing for the World title it would be better to happen on home soil. Promoter Eddie Hearne believes the representatives are aiming for a May time slot for the fight. Although this may then change if the ongoing virus worsens.

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