Kane’s future uncertain as he aims to leave Spurs

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Kane’s future uncertain as he aims to leave Spurs: Harry Kane will have a tough decision to make this summer as clubs set their price for the striker.

Harry Kane this week has made headline news as he puts in a second request to leave Tottenham Hotspur. The 27 year old has grown weary of Spurs form and lack of silverware as he nears 30.

Only weeks ago, the 150 million valued striker had the pick of the crop with the worlds elite eager to nab him. However, things have now changed with most clubs setting an official price or pulling out altogether.

Kane is eager to get a transfer set before the end of the season as Euro 2021 closes in. Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona have decided against the Englishman while some premier league clubs still lurk.

Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea are all likely to move in for Kane. Although, with Chelsea a fierce rival to Tottenham and City already having a vast pool of players this may not be an option.

Manchester United is the only club desperately in need of a top striker. They have signed a contract extension for current loanee Cavani, but they need a permanent long term replacement.

The Sun reports that United has already told Spurs their price and aren’t willing to spend more than 90 million. Meanwhile, the Express reports that United may opt for a swap deal to make up for the excess 60 million.

For now, Kane’s future remains uncertain as the ball remains in Spurs chairman Daniel Levy’s court.

Tottenham double amount paid to Daniel Levy for the year to more than £6m

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