Lennon Knocked Out In Second Round At PDC

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Lennon Knocked Out In Second Round At PDC: Lennon fails to make the third round at PDC World Championship, losing 3-1 to Devon Peterson. 

Steve Lennon from Carlow was one of the few Irishmen to make it to round two at the PDC. Unfortunately, he failed to advance to the third round of the competition, losing 3-1 to South Africa’s Devon Peterson.

Lennon had progressed into the second round, having beaten Sweden’s Daniel Larsson three sets to zero. The Irishman had played fantastic darts hitting seventeen one forty’s, four one eighties, and averaged 96.95.

Speaking after the win, Lennon commented that he was battling nerves throughout the build-up.

 “I was really nervous for this match today for some reason because obviously, the Worlds over the last few years haven’t been really kind to me,” 



A Game Of Missed Doubles 

This impressive performance set up the match against world number twenty-nine Devon Peterson at the Alexandra Palace. 

Unfortunately, in the second round, Lennon couldn’t quite recapture that first-round form. The Carlow man missed over thirty-nine darts at the doubles, which would have decided some important legs.

The match was extremely tight in the first set at two legs all. However, Lennon was in prime position as Peterson was struggling on doubles. Chance after chance went by as the Irishman missed eight attempts to win the set as Peterson mopped up.

Lennon was faced with a similar situation to win the second set, which was desperately needed. He then missed two darts at a double to tie the match. Peterson growing in confidence off Lennon’s mistakes, went two sets up.

The third set appeared to be the South Africans chance to seal the victory, he too couldn’t hit a double. He missed seven darts for the match to allow Lennon to claim his first set of the match. Poised at 2-1, Lennon desperately needed to claw his way back into the match.

The South African then regrouped and didn’t allow Lennon back in. He cleaned up the fourth set with two triple-figure finishes, and a classy bullseye with 121 left on the board.

The match ended 3-1, denying the Carlow man his first-ever third-round appearance. Speaking after the match, Peterson address’s how many chances Lennon gave away to allow him to ease to victory.



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