McGregor says Poirier trilogy is off

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McGregor says Poirier trilogy is off: The Dubliner appears to have canceled his fight with Poirier over a charity disagreement.

In recent days Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier have been going at it with heated argument on Twitter. The argument after a few spats resulted in McGregor claiming the third fight between himself and Poirier is off.

The main source of aggravation for the Dubliner was of a charity accusation. Poirier accused the Notorious of not committing to his promise of donating to his hometown charity.

He then claimed the Irishman said he would donate his earnings from their second fight to “The Good Fight” foundation. McGregor’s earnings of approximately 500,000 dollars would have gone to building a gym for children in Poirier’s hometown.

However, the American claims the Notorious never paid up after the fight. The Irishman responded with claims that the fight was off and on July 10th, he’d fight someone else.

McGregor turning up the heat 

However, things got rather aggressive on social media with Mcgregor out for the Diamond.

The Diamond responded with a video of him knocking out the Irishman last time out.

The first fight between the two was in 2014 with McGregor winning in the first round convincingly. The then more confident and outspoken Irishman floored Poirier after a kick to the ear.

From there he was able to land some punches on the floor before the fight was forfitted. The second bout between the two ended in Abu Dhabi on fight island with a McGregor defeat.

Poirier knocked out McGregor in a comprehensive win for the Diamond.  With the third fight set for July 10th, it remains to be seen if the two will fight after the argument. In the last fight, there was huge respect between the two, which appears all but gone now.

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