McGregor v Poirier trilogy fight is back on

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McGregor v Poirier trilogy fight is back on:  After a charity Twitter spat the UFC have confirmed the trilogy fight is confirmed this June.

Earlier in the week both McGregor and Dustin Poirier engaged in a Twitter spat over a charity donation. Poirier accused the Irishman of not committing to his promise of donating his last fight earnings to his hometown charity.

The accusations riled the Dubliner who reacted by pulling out on the fight. The fight was due to take place on July 10th in Las Vegas. However, the UFC has confirmed that the fight will indeed go ahead as scheduled. UFC president made the announcement stating.

“This summer Las Vegas is open for business and on 10 July. UFC 264 will be at the T-Mobile Arena at 100 per cent capacity at 20,000 fans.

This fight will be headlined by the third fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor.

Tickets go on sale this week. Do not miss it and I will see you in July.”

Since this announcement, Dustin Poirier has publicly apologised for calling out McGregor on social media over the donation. The donation was estimated at around 500,000 dollars.

McGregor insisted the only reason it took so long was because he wished to know how it would be spent. Poirier then admitted perhaps he took matters too far over the accusation admitting his passion for his hometown charity.

“I am very passionate about my charity as you all know. I jumped the gun, and took private matters between Conor and my foundation public. My mistake, we live, we learn.

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