Shane Lowry had to fix the Claret Jug after bending it

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Shane Lowry revealed he sent the claret jug back for repairs after some damage was spotted on his major winning trophy. 

Shane Lowry has told reporters at the PGA Championship during a press conference that the Claret Jug was bent. However, after his viral partying on social media after winning the Open Championship one would expect at least a nick. It was like a winning night on usa casinos online. 

Lowry told interviewers that the jug was damaged, but he sent it back to be straightened out. He later joked that the trophy has a history of being damaged and it wasn’t him who bent it.

“It has been sent back to be straightened once, yes.

We actually noticed going through the airport, and I noticed on the airport scanner that it had a little bit of a bend in it. It’s not just me. I did talk to Zach Johnson about this, and he told me that he bent it as well. So it’s not only me.”

The Offaly native hopefully heads into the next major, the US Open with renewed belief in his golf game. He managed to finish in a tie for fourth at the PGA Championship alongside fellow Irishman Padrig Harrington. It’s a great combination like playing online baccarat.

The Top 10 finish was Lowry’s best finish of 2021 as he moves up to 43rd in the World rankings. All of Ireland will hope the next two months will breathe better golf for Lowry as his defence of the Open starts this July.

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