Watch as ex Ireland player David Meyler raps after losing Euro 2020 bet

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Former Irish international David Meyler treated viewers on OTB Sport with a rap after losing a bet on air.

David Meyler, an ex-Ireland and Premier League midfielder has been a regular guest on OTB Sport, giving his verdicts on the world of soccer. During Off The Balls Euro 2020 preview, Meyler said if Italy won and Imboble was top scorer he would rap.

Host Ger Gilroy hilariously reminded him of his past bet this morning and held him to it. Meyler’s original promise was to rap in Italian as a party piece in celebration of Italy’s victory.

While he didn’t rap in the language of the Euro victors, he treated listeners to a verse of “rappers delight”.

“I’ll meet you fellas in the middle of the road, I’ll do rappers delight”.

After taking it like a true champ, Meyler completed the song. Afterward, the OTB hosts said goodbye to the Cork man and hilariously said.

“Are we get the same from Eamonn Dunphy”.

Watch down below as Meyler raps live on air.

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