You Want To Stay Here Or Go Back To Madrid ?

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You Want To Stay Here Or Go Back To Madrid?: Mourinho was caught on video during a training session asking Bale if he wanted to go back to Madrid. 

There’s no doubt in everyone’s mind, including Bales, that his return to Spurs hasn’t entirely gone to plan. Everyone remembers the blistering winger for Spurs in the 2011-13 seasons in which he terrorised defences.

Since the Welshman’s return to London, he has only managed just one start in the league back in November. Most of the forward’s other appearances have come in the Europa League and cup games.

The 31 year old superstar will surely feel his lack of playing time is harsh since his return. However, it appeared that for Mourinho, Bales’s desire to get back to his best isn’t there after serious talks with the player.

The Portuguese manager was recorded on camera during the week talking about Bale in a training clip released by SpursTV. He said to the player: 

You want to stay here? Or go to Real Madrid and play no football?”

Mourinho confirmed to Sunsport later that he talked to his assistant manager Joao Sacramento about the winger in the clip. This conversation with the winger poses serious questions about his future at Tottenham.

Initially when the deal was made, Daniel Leavy teased about extending Bales loan deal further than one year. However, it now appears if the Welshman doesn’t improve drastically, he could be cast out. Jose is no stranger to getting rid of superstars, as seen last year by casting out Dele Alli. 

Gareth Bale: Jose Mourinho must axe Tottenham winger |

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