Connors return unlikely for Waterford hurlers

    Noel Connors return to the Waterford Senior Hurling side looks doubtful with the player not fully recovered from a back Injury

    The Waterford Senior Hurling Championship began over the week end and Noel Connors failed to make an appearance for his club Passage. The Waterford IT student missed all of the Deises league campaign with a bulged disk that is pressing on his sciatic nerve. The player had to undergo a minor surgery on his back in an attempt to be fit for the Munster Championship where Waterford will face Clare on June 17.

    The 21 year old said; “There is no point in saying it’s not. I was told that the majority of the time it goes back itself with a small bit of rest,”

    “I’ve been resting for the last three weeks. As a result of that I do feel a lot better.

    “The pain in the nerve was going from my backside to the back of my calf. It has been relieved a lot because there is not as much pressure on it.

    “I was talking to a specialist and he said in a few weeks it should be back to normal. The worst case scenario would be a small operation if it has to be. But I wouldn’t say it will go to that.

    “My body was telling them to slow down, to taper back a bit. I’m not the type of fella to sit down if we lost or were out of the Championship. I’d go off and do something else.

    “I’d play golf or football, something else so it is my own fault more than anything else.”
    Waterford manager Michael Ryan has also been hit with another injury to free-taker Pauric O’ Mahony who will be out of action for three months.


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