Shefflin ‘delighted’ to be back

    Eight time All Ireland senior hurling winner Henry Shefflin has said he is  ‘delighted’  to return to action.

    The ten time All Star return to club action for the final 15 minutes of Ballyhale Shamrocks’ league game against Dunnamaggin on Saturday night and he was more than happy to be back:

    “I got 20 minutes under my belt and it was just brilliant to be putting on the helmet and getting onto the field for a game. I was happy enough with how I did.  I got no belts on the shoulder and it was great to wake up on Sunday and know that I’m going in the right direction.

    “I’ll be back training with the club now this week and we’ve another league game against St Martin’s next week. Hopefully I can get more game time then and continue on the road to recovery.

    “But it’d be very foolish though to start thinking that I’m ready to go back playing with Kilkenny. I know myself there’s still a bit to go yet. It was only a club game and we were winning well when I came on. That was the perfect situation to make my comeback but at the same time, it was a good bit off the intensity I need to get used to again. Inter-county is another step up.   I’ll know myself when I’ll be ready to come back.”


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