Cyclist Sean Downey’s weekly blog

Just a quick review of my time at home, which mostly consisted of relaxing training and racing.

It was great getting home and seeing everyone again. It just helped the motivation level so much and makes you happier. I rode a few races and was fortunate enough to win two of them. It reminded me of that winning feeling. I have missed that feeling, as it would be about a year and a half since my last victory. By winning a couple of races at home it has brought back the hunger to go out in Europe and give it a good go. I also went up to Sport Northern Ireland to do some blooded tests to make sure I am healthy and a srm test to see if I have got any stronger. The results showed I have improved my power and peak power which is great because this means the training and racing I am doing is working.

Now I have a few races with the national team to look forward to. The races are over a week and a few days, and are to qualify for the World Championships, so they are very important to do well in. The first race is Flanders.

Race day: I woke up this morning feeling very good and ready to go.The sky was blue and the sun was shining and the temperature was warm, so all off to a great start.

When we started there were two big crashes in the first ten km so it was a nervous start for everyone. However,after a while it settled and I was feeling good and always being in the top 30 out of trouble was great .The cobbled sections were so hard and then a cobbled hill on the finishing circuit was even harder.

But I was up in the front group riding strong. Then it all went wrong on the finishing circuit. On the last cobbled climb of the circuit, I punctured right at the bottom.It took ages for the neutral service guy to get out of the car and give me a wheel, so it was game over for me. I rode the last lap in a small group and then they started attacking each other for 30th place or something. I let them hurt each other because we have another race in a few days, so it is better to keep the energy I have left until then.

Thats the way bike racing goes. I can say I learnt a lot but Belgium is not for me. I prefer France any day of the week J


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