Niall Smyth wins 2011 Irish Poker Open

Niall Smyth backed Ballabriggs to win the Grand National last month, then invested the winnings to enter an online qualifier for the Irish Open and last night won the event and walked away with €650,000.

Clare born Niall narrowly missed making the final table at the event two years ago when finishing 11th,  but there were no mistakes last night, when after 14hrs on the main table he beat Surinder Sunar to claim the Terry Rogers memorial trophy and the title of 2011 Irish Poker Open champion. He took home a massive €550,000 for his win and another 100k for being the last sole survivor from the online entry system through Paddypowerpoker.

“Unbelievable. I just can’t believe it,” he said.

“It started when I put €10 each way on the winner of the English Grand National, I won €200 euro and now I have €650,000. Surinder is such a great player, my support has been fantastic, and here I am!”

1st. Naill Smyth(€550,000)
2nd. Surinder Sunar (€290,000)
3rd. Martin Petri (€180,000)
4th. Seamus Cahill (€145,000)
5th. Aleksi Savela (€115,000)
6th. Karl Rudwall (€85,000)
7th. Rob Taylor (€63,000)
8th. John Eames (€45,000)
9th. Niall McCann (€30,000)
10th. Andy Black (€19,400)
11th. Jude Ainsworth (€19,400)
12th. Lorna Lancaster (€19,400)
13th. Derek Thorpe (€15,100)
14th. Vincent Burke (€15,100)
15th. Olaf Martensen (€15,100)
16th. Myles Kenny (€15,100)
17th. Phillip Peters (€11,700)
18th. Jonathan Spinks (€11,700)
19th. Marty Smyth (€11,700)
20th. Lee Bennett (€11,700)
21st. Oskar Ojaveer (€11,700)
22nd. JP Kelly (€11,700)
23rd. Julian Herold (€11,700)
24th. John Gillespie (€11,700)
25th. Mick McCloskey (€9,400)
26th. John Weafer (€9,400)
27th. Lukasz Wiercinski (€9,400)
28th. Stuart Fox (€9,400)
29th. Beng Hong Ker (€9,400)
30th. Edward John O’Beirne (€9,400)
31st. Paul Mulvihill (€9,400)
32nd. Noel Furlong (€9,400)
33rd. Michael Tureniec (€7,500)
34th. Padraic Naughton (€7,500)
35th. Henone Hael (€7,500)
36th. Nicky Power (€7,500)
37th. Barry Donovan (€7,500)
38th. Michael Muldoon (€7,500)
39th. Philipp Salewski (€7,500)
40th. Misztela Przemyslaw (€7,500)
41st. William Haughey (€5,900)
42nd. Robert Willis (€5,900)
43rd. Michael Dwyer (€5,900)
44th. Mark Spelman (€5,900)
45th. Paul Febers (€5,900)
46th. Mark Sinclair (€5,900)
47th. Roger Johansson (€5,900)
48th. Denise Fusciardi (€5,900)
49th. Sampo Ryyanen (€4,700)
50th. Michael Jordan (€4,700)
51st. Umar Khan (€4,700)
52nd. Russell Carson (€4,700)
53rd. Jude Duffy (€4,700)
54th. Thomas Nolan (€4,700)
55th. Paul Petrus Berende (€4,700)
56th. Edmund Sweeney (€4,700)
57th. Gavin Flynn (€4,100)
58th. Tom Ahlberg (€4,100)
59th. Phil Baker (€4,100)
60th. Guillermo Fernandez (€4,100)
61st. Mikael Johansson (€4,100)
62nd. David Birtles (€4,100)
63rd. Jason Tompkins (€4,100)
64th. Bernard Stoddard (€4,100)
65th. Oliver Lynch (buyin for 2012 Irish Open)


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