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So everything is going great. My first really big result in France, my form is good and the weather is good. I can’t complain about anything. After getting a result here now in France, it has given me the confidence and in my head I know I can do it. When you know you can do something it makes things a lot easier. So now I just have to keep training hard and keep doing what I am doing !
Tuesday: Today was a really easy day. A short cycle about an hour and a half, with a wee coffee spin. All in all, a nice chilling day and a bit of craic. It needs to be done and you have to treat yourself after doing so well, it’s good for the head!
Wednesday: Back to good old hard training sessions today. This morning was power work, with around three and a half hours of beating myself silly on some climbs, and then in the afternoon, interval training. I can but my hands up and say I will sleep well tonight cause I am in cycling terms, in a bag, which is a body bag, so I will get some dinner and straight to bed!
Thursday: Endurance today, long and steady, and the legs are still a little sore. I will be looking forward to tomorrow as I haven’t had a day off in the last two weeks. A rest will do me good. This morning I had to wrap up well. The temperature has dropped, so the gloves were on today, haven’t worn them in like 5 weeks. Bring back the warm weather!
Friday: Today was a rest day and a well deserved one. I was looking forward to it as it has been two weeks since I have had a rest day, so it came at the right time cause I was feeling a little tired. The last training ride was hard and of course the weather was bad, so it was nice to be able to look out and think “ahhh I don’t have to go out in that”. On another note it must be about 4 weeks from the last time I saw rain.
Saturday: Today was a day I was not looking forward to! 8 hours in a car, this will be my first BIG journey this year, compared to last year where it was normal to drive 5 hours. I will have to see how my body reacts, just stay well hydrated and keep the mind busy, i.e. watch a movie, PSP, music and talk some crap – not an exciting day, but a hard one. Once we got to the hotel we went straight out on the bike for an hour and half to get all the bad feeling out of the legs. Actually there were no feelings at al! The legs were just like jelly, i.e. not able to push and no power, but they came round a little at the end. Then back to the hotel for a massage and to eat, then bed, for a good night’s sleep.
Sunday: (Coupe de France) the profile of the race looked very hilly. I was expecting it to be very hard and for the bunch to explode. Instead,it was one of those days where you would climb 5k, then downhill for 15k, so everyone could get back on. I was following the moves all day but nothing was going on. The bunch were breaking up in the hills but then coming back together in the downhill. A group of 9 riders got off the front and I missed it! The bunch was acting funny. They would work for a bit then stop and start attacking, so in the last 10k Cotes de Armour went to the front and drove to bring back the break. The gap was 2.30 ,so three of us started riding. One of the guys had crashed out, one of them was getting it hard, but there were only three of us were working for the sprinter. We brought the gap down to a minute in the last 5k and we were expecting some of the other teams to help out, but they never did. So the break stayed away. Our sprinter was 4th or 5th in the bunch sprint and the rest of us just rolled in with the bunch. Just one of those days. After the race it was back in to the van and we drove half way back. We stayed the night in a hotel and drove the rest on Monday.


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