Jenson Button narrowly escapes injury

British driver Jenson Button, narrowly escaped injury in the Monaco paddock as teams struggled to prepare for the action just a few days after travelling from Barcelona.

The security turnstiles were not yet up and running, and members of the public walked freely amongst the teams. As workers continued to build the teams motor homes, Button revealed that he was almost hit by a forklift:
“I was looking but he wasn’t as he was reversing. It makes it a bit dangerous. Maybe we should be wearing hard hats. It is very busy out there and we are running through a lot of fans and walking through areas not built yet. I would prefer it not to be back-to-back.

“Because it is such a special event we should have a good space beforehand.”
However,many teams are pleased with how things are advancing ahead of the Grand Prix and have their motor homes set up already. Williams and Red Bull are amongst those that are considered well forward in their preparations.


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