Shaquille O’Neill calls time on career

Legendary American basketball player Shaquille O’Neill today announced his retirement from the sport. O’Neill chose a novel way to let fans know his time was up, becoming the first NBA player to confirm his playing days were over via Twitter. The player merely tweeted the words “Shaq ooout.”

O’Neill has long been regarded as one of the legends of the game, and since he first entered the NBA with the Orlando Magic in 1992. His height(7ft 1) made him one of the greatest rebounders the sport had ever witnessed and he soon became one of the top centres in the NBA. In his debut season he was crowned Rookie of the Year and and three years later he led the Magic to the NBA Finals.

O’Neill later joined the legendary Los Angeles Lakers, where he won three successive NBA championships from 2000-2002. In 2004,the player moved to the Miami Heat, where he picked up a fourth NBA title in 2006. He later moved on to play for the Phoenix Suns and the Cleveland Cavaliers,before finishing his career at another of the sports greatest teams,the Boston Celtics.


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