McNish “I’ll definitely be back at Le Mans”

Allan McNish has admitted he was lucky to walk out of Le Mans crash but stood by the overtaking manoeuvre that led to his spectacular exit.

The 41 year old Scot, who vowed to return next year, went into the crash barriers on lap 15 of the annual endurance race when he tried to overtake the GTE Pro Ferrari of Anthony Beltoise.

The crash put the skids on what had been an impressive drive up that point with McNish moving from 5th on the grid to 1st in the first 50 minutes.

In the end he blushes were saved when his Audi team mates Andre Lotterer, Marcel Fassler and Benoit Treluyer drove home the only remaining entry.

Speaking after the race McNish said “I think the crash is due to the fact that two into one doesn’t go.

“I didn’t see it as a risk, I had the momentum, I’ve made that overtake many, many times before, and I saw many other drivers doing it in the race afterwards.

“You can’t blame people in these circumstances. It’s a part of racing and it’s part of Le Mans.”

Later in an interview with the Telegraph McNish gave a little more insight telling the English broadsheet that “Watching a replay of the accident was worse than sitting there in the car while it actually happened,”

“When I saw the ferocity, it made me very thankful that the car was strong, and the guys that designed it did a very good job.

“I was banged around a little bit. I have a pain at the bottom of my back and a grazed shin, but considering the impact, the speed and everything else, we
all got away quite fortunate.

“It was probably more emotional for my wife, Kelly. She didn’t know how I was and the radio had broken.

“I’ll definitely be back at Le Mans next year. In fact, I’m already looking ahead to racing at Imola in three weeks: I was thinking I’d have to sort out a new helmet because this one has served its purpose. will have live score updates on all GAA Championship matches over the summer.


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