4 Things to do Before Before You Start Gambling Online

I Can Fly on her way to winning the Get A Run For Your Money With BetVictor Fillies Race at Dundalk last evening.

For a devoted football fan, nothing beats the thrill when you see your favorite team winning. And on the other hand, despair starts to kick in when experiencing a loss. This is the great phenomenon that cannot be explained to those who are not fanatics of the game. But for those who are, enjoyment and excitement doesn’t come close to describing the feeling one gets from rooting for his or her team, especially if you’re rooting for your local team. More so when the second half begins, and the game nears its final strech, when all sorts of emotions start welling up – the heart starts beating faster, the nerves start kicking in, and every now and then you let out a scream of happiness or a cry of despair – and you find yourself standing in front of your TV yelling directions at the different team members on the screen. That sort of feeling, is hard to replicate with anything else.

Naturally, most devoted fans and followers of football like to place bets on their favourite team, or perhaps any team they think will win in a match, betting on football is somewhat of a ritual. Gambling has been ingrained in Irish culture for centuries and is still a popular pastime amongst Irish folks. Whether it’s gambling online or offline, gambling in Ireland is legal and regulated. In the case of younger fans, betting online is arguably more popular especially due to the ease and convenience of betting on mobile. In fact, besides sports betting, most bettors also enjoy playing at online casinos. The technology of the smartphone has surely facilitated  things, as it allows punters to place bets whenever they want, and wherever they are because they don’t need to go to the bookies anymore. 

However, with this new world opening to us, it’s important that bettors and players take the necessary steps and caution to ensure that they are safe when gambling online. So here are some top tips and advice to keep in mind when gambling online: 

1. Understand the rules of the game

Now this one is very basic and obvious, but for the sake of being clear, we decided to write this down. It’s important that, whether you are betting on sports or playing a casino game online, you know how the game works. Why? If you don’t know how the game works, then how will you know how to place a bet or play the game? It’s very simple. If you are unsure about something in particular, make sure to do some research prior to betting. 

2. Understand the types of bets of the game 

Just like you need to understand the ins and outs of a game to be able to bet on it, you also need to be knowledgeable about the different bets that exist for that particular game. Every sport has its own bet types and in order to be in full control of your money, you need to make sure you understand and know what type of bet you are placing. For instance, if you want to bet on football but you don’t know what a “Handicap” or an “Accumulator” bet is, then it’s time you go back to the basics. 

3. Shop around for offers 

The most important thing to keep in mind is choosing a bookmaker with a good reputation, but the second most important thing, is to always shop around – don’t just pick one bookmaker and stick to it without checking what the others have to offer. There are a lot of good bookies out there, and they will all have differnt offers for any given match, so make sure you compare before you settle for one. After all, comparing is super easy and convenient to do online and you can even do it from your phone. 

4. Play within your limits and know when to quit 

Placing bets and winning money is all fun and games as long as it is done in good measure. Excess of anything is never good, so as a punter, you should always be mindful of this and keep in mind that balance and moderation is key to everything. So the first thing you need to do is to set winning and losing limits for every session. This is a great way of keeping yourself in check, and within your comfort zone. Secondly, establish a budget that you will not go over for no reason. Whatever happens, whether you win or lose, you need to make sure you stick to this budget! 



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