5 Famous Number Plates Owned By Sportsmen

Personalised number plates are hugely popular, not just amongst normal people but also the rich and famous. Sporting celebrities are especially likely to own a custom plate, so here are a few examples of athletes who’ve spent a fortune to make their vehicles stand out from the crowd.

Image Source: Pexels

Sir Stirling Moss

Famed racing driver Sir Stirling Moss may be almost 90 years old, but he’s still a fan of personalised number plates, even if he no longer gets behind the wheel himself.

His collection of two unique registrations is essentially a mirror image; one simply reads ‘7 SM’ while the other is an inverted ‘SM 7’. After decades piloting gas guzzlers, Sir Stirling is now an advocate of electric cars, which are certainly a lot more convenient for the city lifestyle he prefers.

Amir Khan

Like many famous sportsmen who are interested in personalised plates, boxing legend Amir Khan owns a multitude of different registrations, rather than just one.

The most impressive example in his current line up is ‘BOX 111G’ which clearly refers to his career of choice. He’s probably browsed Absolute Reg’s selection of plates on more than one occasion to look for new additions to his collection, which is also something that anyone can do to find a bespoke plate.

Sir Steve Redgrave

Another knight of the realm with a sporting background to show a passion for personalised number plates is Sir Steve Redgrave, the much decorated Olympian famed for his rowing prowess.

Appropriately enough he picked the registration ‘ROW 601D’. If you’re a little confused by the second half of that phrase, it’s designed to look like the word ‘GOLD’ in recognition of the huge hoard of medals he’s accumulated over the years.

Frankie Dettori

A serial buyer of personalised plates, jockey Frankie Dettori’s first foray into this marketplace was ‘777 LEO’, which he acquired after the birth of his son Leo and stuck on a brand new Ferrari in order to fulfil a long held dream.

Today the plate that Dettori uses most regularly is 60 FD, which is found on his more family-oriented VW Golf. He is planning to add to his collection with more plates that reference his children’s names.

Greg Rutherford

Following in the footsteps of Sir Steve Redgrave, up and coming Olympian athlete Greg Rutherford has integrated his achievements with his personalised plate, opting for ‘GBR 601D’.

Having made such an impact when the games came to the UK back in 2012, it is only right that Greg chose to celebrate his successes on a daily basis by marking them out on his car and also highlighting the impressive performance that the entire nation he represents put in at the Olympics.

Of course even non-athletes can make use of personalised plates in much the same way, creating a combination of letters and numbers which means something special to them, whether it’s a career achievement, an important date or a significant set of initials.


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