Seven Riders suspended for Doping

Seven South American cyclists have been provisionally suspended by the sport’s world governing body after failing doping tests.

The UCI says Brazilian riders Tiago Damasceno, Flavio Reblin and Wagner Alves, and Chilean rider Manuel Villalobos tested positive for the steroid stanozolol. Damasceno and Reblin were tested at the Tour of Rio in July, while Wagner and Villalobos were checked at the Tour of Sao Paulo in October.

The UCI says another Brazilian, Elton Silva, tested positive for mephentermine and phentermine at the Sao Paolo race. Peruvian rider Ronald Luz and Bolivian rider Fernando Espindola tested positive for cocaine and norandrosterone at the Vuelta a Bolivia in November.

The suspensions are in force pending a hearing by the national federations. The riders have the right to request the testing of their backup “B” samples.


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