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Scott Evans is Ireland’s number 1 ranked Badminton player and 42nd in the World. He has won 7 Irish national titles in a row and represented Ireland at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

In a new feature for SportsNewsIreland Scott will write about life on the Badminton circuit and dual aim of preparing for a 2nd Olympics and helping to promote the game of Badminton in Ireland.

Hello and welcome to my first column. Throughout the coming months I aim to keep SportsNewsIreland readers up to date on my preparation for the London games.

I have always thought that badminton has never gotten the recognition it deserves, so last week I decided to do my part helping badminton Ireland the organisation and badminton in Ireland, get some more attention.

Badminton Ireland is putting in a lot of work to get things moving in the right direction lately and I decided to play my part in helping out in this area.

In the last two weeks, the Irish National Championships and the Thomas & Uber Cup have been played and there has been nothing in the news at all to let the Irish people know.

I decided to take matters into my own hand and use my twitter account to seek help and that is certainly what I received as we have received a lot of coverage in the last 10 days.

The Irish National Championships was held the first weekend in February where I won my 7th singles title in a row and Chloe Magee won her 6th. Sam Magee won the men’s doubles and Sam and Chloe took the mixed title.

There were quite a few surprises in men’s singles and men’s doubles with a lot of the seeded players not making it through to the finals.

The weekend was run very well, one of the best national tournaments I have been a part of since I started playing. Badminton Ireland put in a lot of work to make the tournament look good and to make the event run smoothly.

The under 15 national championships was also on at the same time where all of the young new Irish talent was on scene. It gave me a chance to see some of the young players coming up, as I don’t get that much time back in Ireland.

Next up for the Irish Senior men and women’s squad was the Thomas & Uber Cup in Amsterdam. The men’s group consisted of Israel and Germany, the 2nd seeds in the event. Ireland men beat Israel 4 – 1 but sadly lost to Germany 5 – 0.

Everyone worked extremely hard and put in maximum effort to help get matches on the scorecard for Ireland but unfortunately not qualifying through to the quarterfinals.

The women had 3 matches. They lost the first 2 matches and beat Slovakia in their last match to finish 3rd in the group. Chloe had a very good week winning all 3 of her singles matches.

This was a good week for Chloe and me regarding Olympic points and we are now in good positions for qualifying for the Olympics with 2 months left in the qualifying period.

The end of the qualifying period is 1st May 2012 where we will find out if we have qualified or not.

Next up for me, Chloe and Sam is the German Open in 1 week from now. German Open is a grand prix gold tournament which means it is third from the top and all the best players in the world will be attending this event.

You can follow my progress on and I will have an update about the tournament in my next column.

Yours in Badminton

To follow the results and live scores from the tournaments check out


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