A guide to the perfect gym attire

Let’s be honest, the perfect gym attire is something you feel good in and that’s always comfortable when you’re smashing out a weighted session. But if you’re new to the weight area or just want to up your workout style game, then here’s a quick rundown of what qualifies as the perfect gym attire:


Turn up the trainers

Fashion trainers are great but when it comes to the gym you need to turn things up a notch. That means ditching the trainers you reserve for nights out. There are a wide variety of shoes, created to help you out with whatever type of gym workout you have planned. Here’s a quick run down:


  • Lifting shoes – these are designed for moves such as squats and deadlifts and feature a flat base to ensure there’s no wobble when you’re pushing the weight up. Best for leg days.
  • Crossfit shoes – these all rounder shoe designs are ideal for general workouts and gripping the floor when working through a tough HIIT.
  • Running trainers – best for cardio days, if you’re getting serious when it comes to mileage on the treadmill a good pair of running trainers that take into account your gait are the best choice.


You can check out the best ones for each of these varieties on the Men’s Health website.


Don’t sweat your shorts

Ditch the joggers and go for a pair of comfy sweat shorts instead, designed to keep you cool and looking good. Smaller training shorts are ideal if you’ve planned a hard cardio sesh on the treadmill but if you’re hogging the weight bench for an hour or so a lightweight pair of jersey shorts work fine. Sweat shorts featuring strong prints and in easy to wear colours always look good.


Keep things loose on top

While you’ll see a few guys donning those super tight athletic tops, they’re not wholly necessary for general gym workouts – except if you particularly fancy showing off those newly crafted abs or tris and bis. Instead, you simply need a looser fitting t-shirt, preferably featuring cooling technology to keep you comfortable even when you’re out of reach of the air con.


We recommend avoiding vests –not only will your sweat get everywhere meaning more clean up (please clean up your sweat!) but no one wants to see your armpits and nipples in all their glory when you’re pushing out shoulder sets. Also, leave the football shirt at home. There’s a time and a place for that.


Avoid the blisters

Hand blisters from weight bars are annoying at best and downright painful the rest of the time, which is why you also need a good looking but functional pair of training gloves to keep palms callous free. You can pick these up relatively cheaply, opt for easy to style colours such as black and grey.


Track it out   

You want to be able to publish those personal bests and proof of your workout on social media, right? Then don’t forget your activity tracker. The Fitbit Blaze doubles up as a good looking general timepiece, while many also love the Apple watch for tracking workouts. For those taking things a little more seriously, Garmin or Polar watches with heart rate chest straps offer the most accurate tracking and look good too.


Drown it out

Gym playlists that blast out through the speakers are perhaps not the best when it comes to getting you motivated. They’re usually dance music you’ve never heard before and you could be more of a rock kinda guy or an R&B lover. So grab a pair of Bluetooth headphones that remove the need for wires that get in the way and let you blast out those tunes that keep you going. Click here for a quick round up of some of the best options.


Ready to go? Embrace this array of perfect gym attire and look good whatever workout preference you may have.


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