AerTV to launch Ireland’s first ‘Live and Video-on-Demand’ Sports Platform

AerTV is to launch Ireland’s first Live and Video on Demand Sports platform, according to Rob Hartnett’s  ‘Sport for Business’ organisation.


AerTV SportsLive will enable Irish sporting organisations to provide a global audience with video content from their events, as well as the kind of rich digital content that brings people into sport as players, fans or commercial partners.


According to ‘Sport for Business’, AerTV will make the platform available to sporting bodies for a cost of less than €500 per month and will advise on the quality of broadcast material needed to reach its audience that is downloading 500,000 streams a month.


Sport has been a major player in the growth of the AerTV service, with 30 sports and 300 live events having been broadcast since July 2012.


It is believed to be responsible for as much as 30% of the traffic to the site which also provides an online portal to Irish TV programming in news and entertainment.


According to ‘Sport for Business’ Rob Hartnett,   the future of sport on TV is increasingly likely to come from a wide variety of sources including You Tube and Twitter as much as RTE and the BBC.   Irish sports who would previously have had little prospect of video coverage will now have access to a platform through which fans, players and commercial partners will be able to see the action live or through video on demand.


It may not deliver a domestic audience of 500,000 but one recent Irish badminton stream attracted 30,000 viewers from around the world.


Aertv Sports has strategically worked with organisations including Irish Hockey, whose international match against South Africa 15 months ago was the first live sports event on the channel, Cricket Ireland, Badminton Ireland and Basketball Ireland who will broadcast live matches from the new season of Super League over the coming weeks and months.


“Irish sports are often under-represented by the traditional broadcasters,” said AerTV Director Phillipe Brodeur.  ”We want to provide a platform for all sports in Ireland and share their passion.”


“Aertv SportsLive can provide fantastic exposure and promotion for all Irish sports both home and abroad. It allows them to keep in touch with their diaspora and grow their base.”


“The new Aertv SportsLive brings together all our different sports on one platform. Organisations and clubs have the ability to own their own pages, interact with Social Media and attract advertisers and sponsors with rich content including online video.


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