Are you planning to buy a racehorse? Find out the cost of maintenance

  • Purchasing a horse is really great because according to the studies it has been found that they can be the best companion of human beings. But investing in a racehorse is completely different. In comparison to the care and maintenance required for an ordinary horse, you will have to give 50 times more concentration on a racehorse to ensure that it stays in a fit and healthy condition to participate in races and events. Even if you manage to own a racing horse, it is important that you take care of the remaining expenses because otherwise, it will be simply not worthwhile in investing in a race odds.


As per the reports, maintaining a racehorse can actually lead to £60,000 additional expenses every year. This includes boarding, training as well as other expenses. Below, you can find out about a few of those expenses in details:


Jockey fees


The horse owners have to pay an amount to the jockey for riding the horse in the racing event. Jockeys stand and around minimum £35 – £100 in one race. In case, your horse wins the race; you will get a certain percentage of the winning amount. Make sure that you hire the right jockey service to get the maximum amount from the expenses you make.




Transporting is undoubtedly expensive, and those were lucky enough to race close to their home will not have to spend too much money lie owners who prefer to race their horses nationally.


Day rate


This is known for being the rate that the owners pay to house train and feed their horses. The basic fee can range from somewhere from £45 – £120 per day. Owners who actually race on the major tracks can expect to fork around £34000 every year as the training expenses.


Vet bills


Just as human beings horses also get sick at times. They even injure themselves owing to strict training and strenuous exercises. They need medications, including vitamins. As we all know that veterinarians are not available at cheap fees. The fee exactly varies from one state to another and medications are undoubtedly expensive. For instance, anabolic steroids that are used for repairing the damaged issues or increasing the appetite are expensive as £ 60 per injection.




It’s quite true that horses do not wear high heel plump shoes, but still keeping a racing horse in proper shoes is just unbelievably expensive. Simply, shoeing can lead to monthly expenses of £100 – £400. The price varies according to that type of shoe you select.


Other Fees


Racehorse Owners need to pay other fees which include license, tax, insurance, etc. These vary from one state to another.


The above tips can help you to understand the actual cost involved in maintaining a racehorse. You can check out TVG Peagusus to gather information about racing horses. You can browse the blog section on our website to read the blogs of expert horse riders who have vast knowledge in it.



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