At least 120 athletes at Rio who have served suspensions for doping

There are currently over 11,000 athletes participating at the Rio Olympic Games. However, of that 11,000, at least 120 have served suspensions or had to return the medals in which they won for doping.

Some my think that isn’t a lot but it’s at least 10-12 % of athletes which is way to high for any games. As of Friday 28 of the medals won at Olympics were from athletes who were involved in doping.

Some of the athletes involved have received criticism from their opponents. Russian swimmer, Yulia Efimova and Chinese swimmer Sun Yang were the targets of these comments. The Russian has won 100 metre and 200 metre medals at Rio, but in fact she has served at 16 month doping ban  Efimova, along with 6 other Russians were previously banned from the games, but this decision was over turned with a last minute decision allowing them to participate in the games.

Chinese athlete, Sun was called a drug cheat by Australian swimmer Mack Horton before the 400 metre freestyle race. Horton, 20, won gold for Australia with Sun getting the silver.

Of the 205 National Delegations represented at Rio, 63 of them have  had athletes that have had previous doping suspensions. The Ukraine has 8, followed by the USA on 7. In relation to America, sprinter Justin Gatland has been suspended twice for doping, with one of his bans lasting a four year period. Tyson Gay, also an American sprinter has also been caught doping, this time coming after the 2012 Olympics. This meant that the silver medal he won as part of the USA relay team was not given to him or the other athletes.

It is not clear as of now which country has the most athletes doping, but Russia would most likely be at the top of this considering one third of the Russian athletes were barred from various sports federations after investigations revealed that Russia were running a state run doping programme.


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