Betting on Greyhounds: Online versus Offline

Greyhound betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the UK. It’s said that as much as half of the entire United Kingdom over 21 will have placed at least one bet, and greyhound betting has proved to be even more prevalent than slot machines, and more preferred than blackjack.

Greyhound betting has evolved to include more than one option – today, you can bet on the exciting new world of online greyhound betting, or you can place your bets at the track.

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The Real-Life Greyhound Betting Experience

Betting on greyhounds offline usually means that you have to go to the track yourself or get someone to place a bet on your behalf – real-life betting means that you go as much for the experience as for the bet, and there are many gamblers who love the sheer atmosphere of the track enough to stick to real-life track betting.

But if you really only care about the bet over the experience, then you should probably consider online greyhound betting instead – especially if you consider the busy atmosphere of the track a drawback instead.

The Variables of an Offline Game

Real-life, offline track betting offers a unique experience that many (especially older) gamblers swear by – but there are also many variables to an offline track game that can affect the particulars of the race negatively.

For example, there are often injured dogs that can’t race or dogs that just won’t co-operate on that day which can delay the entire race. When we’re talking about online greyhound betting, where the race is usually represented by virtual greyhounds instead, the game offers far less variables: Computerized greyhounds, while their racing style and outcome is up to a random number generator, won’t back out of a race when there’s one scheduled.

In this way, we could say that online games are somewhat more reliable and less likely to be postponed.  

Online Betting Offers Speed

Online betting offers a faster pace than traditional offline track betting. Firstly, the races are most often shorter and can be limited to as much as a 60 to 90 second race, with the winnings being paid out immediately after the outcome of the race. There’s no time needed to wait for greyhounds to get ready for the race, and there’s no time spent waiting in a queue for you to collect your winnings or place a bet.

Online Betting is More Accessible

How close are you to the nearest greyhound track, and do you see yourself travelling there every time you’d like to place a bet? Most people aren’t as close to a track as they’d like, and online betting isn’t just faster for placing your bet, it’s also easier: If you bet online, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to make a bet – and how close the nearest race track is to you is none of your concern.

A huge part of why online greyhound betting has proven to be so popular is simple accessibility: It’s easier to log in and place a bet in modern times than it is to prepare for the whole routine of going to the track.

Offline Betting Can Be Riskier

Offline betting can sometimes be riskier, and not in the way that you might think. Certain UK greyhound tracks are notorious for everything from ticket scalping to pickpocketing in the queues – and going to one can be considered risky, especially if you’re a frequent better who carries a considerable amount of cash around.

Online betting allows for you to conduct the entire transaction without taking any unnecessary risks with your money – unless, of course, you choose an unregistered betting operator.

Differences Between the Two

Online greyhound betting and going to a real-life track aren’t as different as you might think, and as much effort as possible has gone into making sure that virtual track betting is as close to the real game as you can experience without needing to leave the comfort of your own home.



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